Sarah Girotti

Co-President, McCall Parents Association
Past School Committee Member

"I had the good fortune to serve with Brian on the McCall Parents Association as his co-President.  His dedication and preparation made working with him a pleasure.  Brian has my total support in his campaign for School Committee and I believe he will make an excellent member."

"Working with Brian on the Finance Committee,  I am continually impressed with his understanding of the numerous challenges facing our town.  He brings a balanced and thoughtful perspective to the issues.  I can't think of anyone better prepared or experienced to join the School Committee and help direct our educational priorities in the coming years."

Samantha Allison

Chair, Finance Committee
Past Co-Chair, Ambrose Parents Association 

Maura Sullivan

Town Meeting Member
Past Co-Chair, Muraco Parents Association 

"I enthusiastically support Brian’s candidacy for School Committee.  Brian cares deeply about making sure that all children have the best educational experience possible, from academics to extracurriculars.  A dedicated father of two, he knows first-hand how the schools work at each grade level and through his service on Town Meeting and the Finance Committee he understands in detail the town’s budget process and financial challenges.  I know he will bring all of this experience to the School Committee and will be thoughtful, engaged and accessible."

Karl Rexer, PhD 

Chair, Energy Management Committee

"I’ve worked several years with Brian on Winchester’s Energy Management Committee.  His clear thinking and thoughtful decision-making have helped the town reduce energy consumption, improve our buildings, and save money.  Brian's experience working on several town committees gives him a valuable perspective — he always sees the bigger picture and carefully weighs all options fairly.  I whole-heartedly support Brian’s election to Winchester’s School Committee."

Abbie DiMatteo

Chair, Direct Appeal, McCall Parents Association
Trustee, Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence 

"Brian, a life long resident of Winchester, has a passion to give back.  Brian exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness.  He will use these qualities to serve our school community well.  From first hand experience, I know Brian’s hard work and willingness to listen make him a valuable member of any team.  The School Committee is a perfect fit for Brian’s goal of securing a strong future for our schools."

Helen Philliou

Chair, Capital Planning Committee

"I have known Brian since he himself was a student in the Winchester Schools.  Brian became the Finance Committee representative to the Capital Planning Committee several years ago.  He is a dedicated member who is consistently present and prepared.  He researches the topics well that come before Capital Planning.  He listens actively, participates enthusiastically and contributes to our discussions.  Please support and elect Brian in his candidacy for School Committee. The schools and the community will benefit from his service."

Pamela Cort

Town Meeting Member
Past Co-Chair, Winchester Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

"I’ve known Brian for a number or years as a volunteer for the Girl Scouts, the town and the schools.  Brian is deeply committed to serving our community and its school system and appreciates the time, patience and effort required to serve our district effectively. Brian is kind, caring and open minded. He has a critical understanding of the complex financial issues that face the town and the schools. He listens, really listens, when presented with opposing views. Brian will be committed to representing all families and students and their broad base of needs and interests. Brian has my strongest endorsement, my vote and hopefully your as well."